As the stars aligned on the 50th anniversary of the Psychedelic Revolution and Summer of Love, counter-culture may have found their new ambassadors.

Space Kamp was founded circa 2017. Rooted in Pennsylvania, members Adoo and Oskee began a mission to break rules and spread love around the globe.
Mixing their influences in Hip Hop, Reggae and Psychedelic rock to create a truly original sound. They Gained the support of Hightimes Magazine,
Illadelph Glass, Beard Bros Pharms, Weedmaps and SRH Productions before even a single release, helped solidify that not even the sky is the limit for how high these Rebel Hippies can get, or go.

Partnering with super producer and Juno award winning Rob the Viking (of Swollen Members / XL the Band) Space Kamp released “Terpene Station” in late 2017 with long time friend, collaborator and lyricist Split D. They immediately hit the road touring the U.S. and Canada. The album's spaced out production infused with medicine-induced lyrics received rave reviews from listeners. 

Because of their High energy live show, good vibes and personal connection with their audience, supporters around the globe have shown undeniable love for the group.The Rebel Hippies Community was born. Some supporters have even coined themselves “Kampers” and began to follow the tour schedule, attending multiple  dates, and showing off Space Kamp and Rebel Hippies tattoos and custom artwork. Its clear the Rebel Hippies Community is a tight knit global family and not your normal artist/fan relationship.

Regrouping with Rob the Viking, and remarrying an ever progressing sound and vision.
Space Kamp dove in deeper in 2019 with the release of a 7" vinyl “Break Rules x Spread Love / Neon Soul";
Pushing the boundaries of experimentation by both parties, and moved to All-Live instrument production.

Preparing for their full length LP, Space Kamp traveled to the legendary Hyde Street Studio in San Francisco and to Rob the Vikings own The Chamber Studio in Vancouver Island to record. 
The new album “Electric Lemonade” promises to take listeners on a sonic trip, mixing Psychedelic soundscapes, Hip Hop, and Reggae breaking rules and spreading love!
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Rob the Viking, With guest production from: DJ Hoppa and TabinStereo.
And guest appearances from Demrick and DJ TMB and Jessica Lamb

Turn On, Tune In and... Rise UP!