Space Kamp

As the stars align on the 50th anniversary of the Psychedelic Revolution, counter culture may have found their new ambassadors. Space Kamp, the trippy trio hailing from Pennsylvania, consists of MCs: Adoo, Oskee, and Split D, partnering with super producer Rob the Viking of Swollen Members. Even before the release of their debut album "Terpene Station", they had already gained the support of HighTimes, Illadelph Glass, Beard Bros Pharms, Lumpys Flowers and Weedmaps, proving that not even the sky is a limit for how high these stoner pros can get, or go. 

Now we know it’s hard to see when the wool is over your eyes. Its even harder when the room is full of pot smoke. But let Space Kamp be your Third Eye guide. With the release of their debut album, Terpene Station, this group of Rebel Hippies attempts just that. Watch and listen as they turn on, tune in, and drop out; marrying high-energy delivery with medicine-induced bars and hooks, spacey loops, and modern drums.Leave your ego at home. Where we're going, you won't need it. Take Off!


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Stoner Chick featured in High Times!


Stoner Chick starring the beautiful and super stoney @mzkaylzz premiered and featured on


Terpene Station OUT NOW!


The Stoniest album in the galaxy.. 

Listen to Terpene Station HERE

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