The one thing that has been certain this year is that nothing is certain.

As excited as we were to release Electric Lemonade and beyond grateful for all the love we have received so far,

It's been a real buzz kill to not be able to tour and share it with you on stage.

Luckily we some awesome friends that are helping us out!

Join us Friday August 14th at 8pm EST for our first Live Stream!

We will be filming in the beautiful historic Emmaus Theater in Emmaus PA.

You can watch the show for FREE right here on

We will also be selling limited amount of Kamp Experience tickets right HERE

Ticket Includes:

Private ZOOM with Space Kamp

Access to watch songs not being performed on the Live Stream

Download of Electric Lemonade, Terpene Station and Break Rules Spread Love / Neon Soul 

Entered in raffle to win a gift pack given away on Live Stream

% of Ticket sales will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project

Buy the ticket, take the ride..Purchase your ticket HERE!

Electric Lemonade is Out Now! Limited still available! ORDER HERE

This album is a collection of songs we wrote over two years of touring and being around each other pretty non stop.
We have so many memories together already, its really a trip that we are just getting started and ready to release a album.
There is a old saying if you get lemons make lemonade.
We’ve been dealt a lot of lemons! No matter what your faced with you gotta make the best of every situation.
We took that attitude and put some electric in it.. 
We wanted to just go in and make music without any restraints or limitations. Just create whatever felt right.
Our only real goal was to be honest, have fun and make a positive record that we felt was timeless.
Its been along time coming and feels good to finally see our vision come to life. This project represents growth for us.
We have grown as artist and more importantly as people. We feel this album is a new beginning and the start to our journey.
We had the time of our lives making the record and think above all thats what comes through in the music.
We make Rebel Hippies music, think for ourselves, BREAK RULES & SPREAD LOVE!


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Girl Like you (Official Video)

Girl Like You (Official Video)

Filmed and Edited by: Jack Nine Films

Making of Electric Lemonade

Behind the scenes of the making of Electric Lemonade filmed on location at The Chamber Studio in Nanaimo BC and Hyde Street Studio in San Francisco. Featuring song clips of: "New Strains" and "Homegrown" Filmed and Edited by Raymond Knight for Knight Studios. *Hyde Street Studio footage filmed by George McDonald.

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